In 19 days...

In 19 days, my favorite friend and gym partner, Ivy, will finally turn 18 (which will make us less than a decade apart in age for a few months)...

In 19 days the long-awaited epsiode of Glee directed by the brilliant Joss Whedon, and guest-starring NPH will air...


In 19 days I'll go to the doctor's appointment that decides the rest of my life
This doctor will have the power to tell the Navy whether or not I'm a good candidate for the military.

Scared?  Quite.

In fact, that's why I've been blog-silent for the past two weeks.  I have a wealth of blog ideas piled up to use when I don't have an actual update, but I haven't had the heart to post any.  I think I'm trying to keep Navy excitement at arms' length, so that if it falls through, I won't be as disappointed. 

Everyone keeps telling me that whatever happens is what's meant to be.  Well, of course it is.  But that doesn't change the fact that I would have to re-plan my future from scratch, with absolutely zero ideas.  The Navy isn't just the best idea for my life - it's my only idea. I have nightmarish visions of my civilian-stuck-in-virginia-in-a-low-paying-job-and-always-the-spinster-aunt-who-never-lived-her-dreams life stretching before me.

I'm not sure if I'll see results at the appointment, but on the evening of May 18, 2010, while celebrating Ivy's birthday and eating cake at our Glee party, I very well could have the answer to what the rest of my life will look like.

So in 19 days...we'll see.


  1. Oh I feel you Aqua! I have no desire to stay right where I am any longer and if the Navy falls through I'll have no future.
    The Navy is my future, and I'm scared!
    I wish the best of luck to you!

  2. Aqua. Funny thing you nailed my feelings exactly. On the medical disclosure I had indicated that I had in the past had an abnormal pap. I've had them and have gone in every few months to be re-checked and low and behold it reads normal. So - I got a letter in the mail that said I had to have all my labs for the past few years sent. Waiting, waiting, waiting to see if this would prevent me from serving. I finally got a clearance.

    Then at MEPS I did not pass vision screening. I figured as much - I wear glasses. But another letter came basically telling me if I cannot prove 20/20 vision (with correction) I cannot be an officer in the USN. I felt sick - literally sick. All my focus - all my work - all the stinkin' education and it was going to come down to 20/20 vision. I didn't expect to be a pilot! I panicked and convinced myself this was a barrier to entry. First the pap then my eyes. I think I said something like "At least the Navy is done looking at my crotch and they can look at my face now" to my husband and recruiter.

    Yet - I scheduled a vision screening with my eye doctor and he filled out all the paperwork and conducted all the tests and a few weeks later I got another letter. I've been cleared. I passed the health hurdle.

    Now with a final select letter in hand, a commissioning date and a duty station I'm ready. I just need to focus on my physical goals and the weight will follow. Lets hope I don't blow it.

  3. Oooooh! I'm a little nervous for you and also really excited!! We need to hang out again! Up until the 18th though we're pretty much out of town all month. After your BIG appt we'll have to hang out and celebrate.

    Yes, I believe in you and that this is meant to happen. So, we'll be celebrating!

  4. Eeek. I'm nervous for you. Good luck! I know you wanted to do this for some time now. But don't stress so much. It'll make you feel worse. And that's not what you want to feel.

    I know was going to read it later. But I got curious. =P

  5. Thank you girls SO MUCH for the encouragement! I can't even articulate how much better it made me feel. This is one of the biggest reason I started a blog - the blogging community is so tight. Y'all are the best! :D