Process - Update #2 (Doctor's Note)

Navigating the maze in the Triwizard Tournament seems easier than getting in the Navy.

*Sigh*  After having a chat with my doctor (and giving her a $25 co-pay), I went to the recruiter to ask what exactly I need to do (these guys are clear as mud).  After 3 of these dudes stood around for awhile deliberating, they came to the conclusion that not only does my regular doc need to write another letter, but I also need to go to a psychiatrist for a legit psychological eval.  Another doc appointment, another (higher) co-pay, another couple weeks 'til the next step. 

The (sort-of) bright side:  After taking some medicine for over a month, my weight sky-rocketed due to fluid retention.  I was already at the maximum acceptable weight, and now I'm well over it, making me the heaviest I have ever been in my life.  I've stopped taking the medicine, so in a week or two the water weight should start coming off.  Before I started it, I was actively dieting and working out to get UNDER the max weight.  I really hope that underneath all that water is the result of all my hard work!!  So having to wait longer for all this other doctor stuff is giving me the time I need to get back to the appopriate weight.

What I'm learning from these set-backs: 
~ Patience. 
~ Enjoying the life I'm living the in mean time. 
~ Dedication to the goal. 

I'll be a Sailor one of these days.  :)