Guess what...

I am finally...


July 8-9

(This is my nervous face)

I am SO excited that I've finally gotten this far. Whew, it's been tough. But I'm not exactly thrilled about MEPS itself. First, I have to take two vacation days from work. Those are precious paid days that I'd rather use for hmm, I dunno, VACATION? If I do make it into the Navy, I'll get legit vacation, so I'll chalk this up as a necessary evil. And taking the ASVAB and the physical do not seem the least bit pleasant (and I don't wanna study Math all weekend. Ick). Plus, the entire experience is full of "unknowns," which I've discovered is one of my greatest fears in life. Hopefully when it's all over, I'll be able to say, "It wasn't that bad." (Stay tuned to find out!)

I just read this long but well-written
MEPS experience I found. If you don't know anything about MEPS, you should take a look, then you could get an idea of what I'm in for. If you've already been, I'd love it if if you'd read it and tell me if your experience was actually like that. One of the reasons I started this blog was because I've had such a hard time getting straight answers about the military and the joining process. So I will be keenly observing and noting everything that goes on and then share it with you. I'll be so happy if I'm able to help clear up questions and give assurance to other girls like me looking for answers.

Thoughts & prayers next week will be MUCH APPRECIATED. Love you all. :)