Speak now...

My MEPS date has been changed. I'm going July 12-13.

For most people, assuming they pass the ASVAB and the physical, they get to pick a job, find out a ship date, and swear in right there. My recruiter told me that I'll probably have to go back for a follow-up visit, due to the medical records I have. Now that I've been to my own civilian doc, the Navy doc will want to do his own checking. So I might have a little more time to think things over than others do.

But still...very, very soon there is going to come a moment where I actually have to sign my name, raise my right hand, and join the Navy. I’m nervous about the job-picking part, because these days it’s harder to find out detailed information about the jobs beforehand. They don’t want people getting their hopes up about a specific job and then not qualifying for it, so they wait until you’ve tested, then tell you what you qualify for. I understand that, but I don’t have a way of thoroughly researching whatever ends up on my list. I know of some jobs that I’m interested in, so I’ve researched those, and talked to people about them. But what if I don’t get those? Any brief description I’m given on the spot is not enough info for me to make such a big decision. Yes, you can get your rate (job) changed, but it doesn’t sound like an easy or promising process.

All of this ruminating brings up the BIIIIIG question: Are you REALLY, REALLY 100% POSITIVE you want to do this???

Well, no, not quite 100%. Nothing is perfect, there are things I’m not excited about, and things I’m even scared of. My best answer is that the pros outweigh the cons by far (maybe I’ll provide a list in a future post). This wasn’t a snap decision by any means. I started thinking about this several years ago, and have had ample time to talk myself out of it since then. But now that the reality of this decision is getting closer and closer, the cons start to loom up before me like big, scary ghosts with their fingers outstretched to get me. EEEEEEEEK! I wonder if this is what people feel like right before they get married… Cold feet? Runaway brides?

So here it is: Speak now, or forever hold your peace. Tell me why I should OR shouldn’t join the Navy. Right now, so I don’t lose focus from these new emotions, I'm reassuring myself by re-reading stories and talking to people who LOVE their Navy careers and think it’s the best decision they’ve ever made. Because ultimately I believe it’s the best decision for me, too. But if there is anything else I need to consider, I need to know NOW.