Reason #3: Uniforms!

"Oh, bell bottom trousers, coat of navy blue, he loves his sailor, and she loves him, too."
(Switched the pronouns around to suit me!)
This is NOT the uniform.  Sorry, boys!
Let's start this post with an embarrassing little anecdote that just happened to me. I wore an adorable polka-dotted skirt to work today, feeling pretty cute. Little did I know this skirt is full of potential mortification! While standing at the sink washing my hands after using the ladies room, the most gorgeous woman in the entire building comes out of her stall and taps me on the back. She very awkwardly let me know that the entire back of my skirt was stuffed into my underwear. Can you say *red face*?? I gushed my gratefulness to her with rivaling awkwardness (not only for the faux pas, but for the fact that she’s now seen my underwear), and tried to stride calmly out of the bathroom… only to have her call me yet again to inform me that my top wasn’t all the way down in the back, and both my underwear and skirt tags were visible. Then, not 10 minutes later, I was outside and a gust of wind caught my skirt and exposed me for a split second before I wrestled it back down and held it tightly all the way back inside. This is just a small example of the many reasons I will be THRILLED to wear uniforms to work!

  • I will never be late to work because I can’t figure out what to wear.
  • I can use all my extra $$ and shopping energy on super hot weekend/leave outfits.
  • My “fun” clothes can STAY fun clothes. Currently, anything I wear to work automatically becomes work clothes. Even if I love(ed) it, I can never again wear it outside of work without feeling icky.
  • I’m all about my individuality, but I also LOVE being part of a team that’s bigger than me. All my life I’ve wanted to belong to a sports team or anything with uniforms, because I love identifying with other people, and also being identified by other people as a member of that group. And in my mind, nothing is more worth identifying with than the US Navy! (I used to be in marching band…so I got a little bit of that prideful group feeling…until we were in front of the rest of the school…)
  • I’ll just look hot. Nothing beats a Sailor girl! ;)
  • Ironing. I don’t even own one. I started to buy one when I moved out, but realized it would be a waste of money since I wouldn’t use it!
I know getting to wear uniforms is an insignificant reason for wanting to join the Navy, and clearly I wouldn’t base my whole descision on something so trite, but if it makes me happy, why not get excited about it?