THEIR Reasons Why

I'm still patiently waiting for May 18 to arrive.  As I explained in my previous post, I don't really have the heart for talking about the Navy right now.  So in the mean time, I'm going to let other girls speak for me. Some of their reasons echo mine, some might be unique to them, but we all have a common desire to serve our country with pride, and I hope to serve alongside these amazing girls soon.

Their Reasons Why:

I joined because I want to experience the world and I found out that college is not for me.” – Stephanie B.

I am joining because I need to find myself. I want to travel, serve my country, and be able to stand with my head held high. As a woman, I feel like I have been treated wrongly, and that many men look down on me. So joining and serving my country will show them we women are just as strong and good enough to serve in our nation's military. Plus having benefits, and to be able to say that my family has something to be proud of about me. :)” – Bree L.

I've always felt the need to prove I'm just as good and this is my way to do it. It also had the added bonus of serving my country and showing pride in what I believe.” – Megan F.

I suppose my answer would fall within the idea of ‘service.’ I am joining the Navy because I am called to be a servant to my country, my God and my fellow man. I serve because I can and am willing to put the needs of many before my own. I serve because we have a voluntary force and I volunteer. I serve because I am grateful for those that served before me and I am grateful for the strong women in history that made this possible for me.” – Jenny F.

I'm joining the Navy because I want to be able to walk around with my head held high full of pride. I want to protect this country. I want to gain the Navy discipline and values. I want to travel all around the world doing things that everyone will be proud of me for. I'm joining not only because I want to, but mainly because my heart yells it wants me to be a Sailor for the U.S. Navy. I will gain the respect of others through hard work and I will respect those around me. I want to show the people around me that i can do this, and this is why I will join the Navy. This is what I see myself doing.” – Yesenia C.

I am joining the Navy for many reasons. I am sick of working in resturants, bars, etc...bartending, waitressing, and marketing them. I want to do a job where I know I am making a difference for people. I am 29 and have an associate’s degree that is getting me nowhere fast, I can’t afford more education, have no boyfriend, no kids, and am generally just at a stand still. I would say I want to “accelerate my life” (the old Navy saying). I love to help people, it’s in my nature, and getting the rate of corpsman lets me do that! Stability, and job security are big factors as well. Loooong family history of people in the Navy. I am excited to start this new exciting chapter in my life. There are always the decisions you make that you know to the bones that it is right. And I can't even stress enough how RIGHT this feels for me.” – Melissa B.

I WANT to join the Navy because I want a better life for my family and my self. I work a dead-end job making only 9 an hour. In the Navy that’s kinda like starting at the bottom, but you always have the chance of working your way up. At my job I’m kinda at the top. I dont want to spend the rest of my life making 9 an hour working in a warehouse.” – Melissa H.

I'm joining the Navy for a bunch of different reasons… Mainly because I want a career in the medical field. Also because I want some discipline in my life, and to travel. I want my family and friends to be proud of me, and I want to do something to be proud of myself for. :D” – Taylor K.

If you're in the military and would like to share reasons you joined, please comment with them!  Also, if you're a mil spouse and want to share your husband's reasons (because I know you're so proud), I'd love to hear them!