Whew, it's over!  I ran the Monument 10K on Saturday with three other lovely girls.  We had a blast and pushed each other hard, and it completely wiped me out!

My time: 79:02
Last year: 81:49

I only beat last year's time by 2:47I think it's okay, because I trained about the same last year and this year. I'm more concerned about improving my running overall, so I wasn't training specifically for the 10K. However, there is a HUGE difference between the beginning of my habitual-working-out-life and now. I beat my time in my first 10K (2008) by 15:32!! Now I'd say that's an improvement. :)

Here's what I'm up against now:

The bottom is a little blurry, but that's okay, since I won't be needing those numbers. My goal is to be comfortably in the middle of the chart BEFORE I get to boot camp.