Reason #1: Getting Paid to Look (and feel) Good!

“Exercise is done against one's wishes and maintained only because the alternative is worse”
- George Sheehan
(These reasons are not posted in any particular order).

I'm starting with fitness because in 2 days I'll be running the Richmond Monument 10K.  This is my 3rd time running this particular race.  But there's something very important to note:  I AM NOT A RUNNER.  My body was just not made for it.  In fact, I'm not athletic at all.  I asked to do cheerleading and basketball when I was a kid, but my parents could tell I didn't have a shred of ability, and didn't let me sign up.  P.E. ended up being the worst subject of all my school years, and I was always the last kid on the track, huffing and puffing my way through the 1-mile run.
I didn't notice as many problems with a lack of energy while I was a kid, but somewhere during high school, I became overwhelmingly exhausted at all times.  I slept through my vacation to Canada that my grandparents took me on, and continued to sleep through college, and life in general.  And being physically exhausted leads to failing at life, which leads to depression, which leads back around to sleeping all the time.  Awful downward-spiraling cycle!  Watching my dad deal with his version of what I had throughout my life showed me that there IS a cure - REGULAR EXERCISE!  I had always viewed exercise as a form of legal torture, but once I decided I wanted to live life for real, I knew that I just had to frickin' do it.  Now I work out regularly, and I’m a much healthier, happier, and well-adjusted person. But even though I realize now how great those endorphins are, I still don’t have much self-discipline in this area. I pretty much require a gym partner, or my workouts don’t last longer than a week. I love that being fit is a major part of the military lifestyle, and that I’ll always have a reason to stick with it. Maybe by the time I retire, I’ll finally be self-disciplined enough to work out on my own. ;)

P.S. Another thing I'm doing during this long waiting period is making sure I'm ready physically - my goal is to be so fit before bootcamp, that I'll be excited about PT!


  1. Dude. I'm so not going to be fit going into boot camp. It's not be going to be that fun. Hahaha. Oh well. =P

  2. So, I ended up watching G.I. Jane with my husband this afternoon, and it totally made me think of you! I was scared that you were going to go through awful suffering and prejudice until my hubby explained that the movie was about Navy Seals and that women don't suffer that degree of torture and that movie is fake. Lol. Regardless, it reminded me to continue reading your blog, which I enjoy :).

  3. Leah, when are you leaving? And why can't you work out between now and then? :D

    Heather, you have such a sweet heart! Thanks for your concern. :) It won't be toooo bad...I hope... :-P