Goals & Objectives

I am a terrible blogger, just so you know. But I'm giving this a shot so that the next "me" who comes along can find some answers, camaraderie, and maybe a little inspiration.

I'm a girl in my twenties who is in the process of joining the US Navy. Already there have been many joys and frustrations, and I haven't even signed on the dotted line yet! One thing I've been wishing for this whole time is a first-hand perspective from anyone else who is doing or has done the same thing. I hear from boys, I hear from retirees, I hear from military spouses, but finding a twenty-something single girl in the military to have a heart-to-heart with has proved difficult.

My hope is that documenting every step of my experience, from signing up, to saying goodbye to friends and loved ones, to boot camp (I'll give permission to a friend to post my letters), to A School, to deployment, & beyond, will give other girls a resource for following their own dreams into the military.


  1. yay! I'm so glad you started this. Even though I'm on the spouse side and not in it myself I'm still really excited to hear about your adventures!

  2. Thanks! So far you're my only reader. And, btw, I LOVE talking to anyone military-related...I thought about adding a parentheses to that effect, that I do greatly appreciate those groups I listed, but I'm trying to learn how to write short, sweet & to the point. :D

  3. I love the concept of you blog although I don't know much about the navy or the military for that matter. But it's definitely interesting to read. I hope you find some other ladies out there in your same boat to connect with!

  4. Ok. I saw your posting on the Women Redefined on Facebook and thought I'd check out your blog. I am not a twenty something - I'm a thirty something that is in the process of joining. Why join? It is a question I get asked often but ultimately I feel it is my calling. For the past twenty or so years I've denied the Navy, thought I'd get through life without serving -but you cannot argue with what you are supposed to - meant to do.

    I've pretty much told my story on my blog -feel free to check it out when you can!

    Best of luck in the process - I've received my final selection letter and will commission in June.

  5. this is so exciting! can't wait to read all about your adventures!

  6. Hey I just found your blog... but I know a 20-something girl in the Navy (she is married to a Marine) and a single 20-something girl in the Marine Corps, and finally a single 20-something mother in the Air Force... so these women are out there!!

  7. Hey, my name is Karen, and i'm 23 yrs old, going through the exact same process as you in joining the Navy. I was once the wife of a Marine. My dad is a Marine, so is my little brother, and 90% of everyone i know (see a trend here? lol), but I have the same nerves as you as to getting the rate i want. I go to MEPS July 15th/same week as you. feel free to add me on FB..i hope to meet more people going through the same process as myself..eeek!! good luck and who knows, we may even have the same shipdate. :)